Miscarriage & Baby Loss

One of the most difficult and painful experiences that a parent can ever endure is the LOSS of a child. The hopelessness, discouragement and despair are beyond understanding. What is crucial to understand is there is no “RIGHT” way to grieve and your way needs to be understood by others. However, some may need support during the grieving process which includes denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance (does not have to be linear). In addition, it is important to note that when a body ceases to be pregnant, there is a hormonal and chemical shift that may lead to a mood or anxiety disorder.

Grief may last up to a year and although you may not ever forget this time period or circumstances, a move toward typical life should begin to emerge. If the grief is longer then a year or particularly intense or debilitating, this may have surpassed grief into the area of depression and more intense support and therapy may be necessary.

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